Let’s Get Physical!—It ‘Takes 2’ to Block the Sun’s Aging Rays

If you walked in the door at Seaside Skin Care and told us you could only buy ONE product, what would we suggest you buy? You’re probably thinking a power-packed retinol serum, or perhaps a creamy moisturizer. Believe it or not, we would tell you to BUY SUNSCREEN, one of our favorite products here at Seaside Skin Care. We tell everyone that they must own a high-quality sunscreen! Where we live the weather is very nice all year round, so it’s really important that we’re protecting our skin every single day.

Many shoppers go to the local drugstore and pick out a bottle of sunscreen, completely unaware of how well it may or may not protect them. Some of the sunscreens at drugstores or grocery stores are of decent quality, but they may only have chemical blockers and not physical blockers as well. Chemical blockers are in most average to low-end sunscreen, but it is the physical blockers—zinc or titanium—that are really important to have in your sunscreen. Physical blockers protect you from the UV-A rays. It’s easy to remember that ‘A’ is for aging, and these physical blockers are going to protect you from these aging UV-A rays that speed up the aging process—and who wants to age faster?!

We urge you to look in your medicine cabinet right now and check the back of your sunscreen bottle to see if it contains any zinc or titanium. People are always worried that zinc or titanium is going to sit on their skin like a thick white paste, but that’s the zinc of the past. With current technology, we now have micronized zinc. It rubs in clear and smooth so you won’t even know it’s on your skin and you’ll be well-protected all day.

At Seaside Skin Care we offer a sunscreen line made by EltaMD, which is also our best-selling sunscreen. We’ve researched several sunscreen products and it is by far one of the best lines out there. It is also very affordable, with prices averaging from $24 to $30. EltaMD has a sunscreen for every skin type. For example EltaMD UV Clear is perfect for acne-prone skin or sensitive skin that tends to ‘disagree’ with sunscreen. They have sunscreen products for dry skin, for people that are very active in the water, for body and lips as well. All of the products in this line have the micronized zinc, which is transparent zinc oxide, and are all sensitivity-free.

Come in and see us at Seaside Skin Care, and we can share samples of Elta’s different sunscreens with you. You can feel how smoothly the transparent zinc goes on. If you mention this blog, we’ll even give you a FREE tube of Elta MD Lip Balm with your purchase of any sunscreen. No ‘A’ for aging here, not if we can help it! ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay current on our special events, giveaways and promotions. Thank you! (949) 276-2777


Kiara Jones

Director of Operations


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