Luscious Lengthy Lashes in 16 Weeks

Latisse is one of our top selling products at Seaside Skin Care. Allergan formulated this prescription product to use aesthetically for enhancing our lashes. Latisse’s full benefits result in luscious lengthy lashes in about 16 weeks. Latisse was developed to treat inadequate or not enough lashes. The active ingredient in this lash enhancer is bimatoprost. Bimatoprost was a glaucoma medication in its original form, and then they noticed lash growth as a side effect. Hence the birth of Latisse!

Latisse is used to treat thinning lashes to make them fuller, darker, and longer. The product comes in two sizes, 5mL and 3mL. The 5mL is going to last about 10 weeks, and the 3mL is going to last about 4 weeks. Latisse takes up to a full 16 weeks to see results. We recommend when you’re first starting to go with the larger size. Latisse is applied once per day. At Seaside Skin Care we recommend that our patients put a drop in the cap of the bottle. The provided brushes are then dipped into the drop and the product applied to your upper lash line as close to your lashes as possible. There’s no need to apply to your lower lash line, although you will notice Latisse benefits on both your upper and lower lash lines. Typically you start to see length in 4 to 6 weeks, but the fullness and darkening that gives your lashes the ‘wow factor’ takes the full 14 to 16 weeks. Again, that’s why we recommend you start with the 5mL Latisse.

The side effects with Latisse are very minimal if any. Our Seaside Skin Care patients typically don’t experience any problems. You may see some pigmentation darkening on your upper lash line where you apply the Latisse. This will go away once you discontinue use. Some patients like this additional pigmentation, because they feel it simulates eyeliner. You may have heard that Latisse changes the color of your iris, but that is not true. There have been no documented studies that while using Latisse as directed the color of the iris has changed.

If you’re not using Latisse, when encourage you to start now so you’re on your way to darker, longer and fuller lashes for the holidays! Come on in to Seaside Skin Care and we’ll demonstrate how to use Latisse for you. We can show your our staff lashes so you know what to expect! Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with Promotions and Giveaways at Seaside Skin Care. (949) 276-2777

Latisse Before & After

Latisse Before & After


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